Mercedes Benz 500 Sell.Install the Farkas HHO Cell,PL 26X 2 system.2006 Marc 21.

WOW.388.000 KILOMETER.SAVE ON GAS 28%-32%!

Suburban 8 cyll engine.4X PL 21 Farkas HHO system....Save on gas 37-42%!  Installd 2009 jan 20......520.000 kilometer. 

We have 1000's cars......Dealer wanted.

Mercedes Benz 600 Sell...2x 26 PL Farkas HHO Big system! 12 cyll.600HP! No smoke! 285.000KILOMETERS! Save on gas 38-40%!! WOW! Install: 2005.Jun 3.


We manufacture, sell, and install!

What is the HHO and how does it works? 


                                                          Why it is good for your vehicle and for you?


 How I made it and made it even better?

                                                           What kind of products are available? 

Which is good for you?

You will find answers for these questions, just please check our website!



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4x26Pl Cell's Farkas HHO 100% free water!

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Delaer wanted.True,International company.
Farkas HHO Cell Sales & Installation Inc.

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FH Wet cell x2 Full Kit

$ 699.00 CAD

Farkas HHO wet cell x2 full kit

30 plate ss 316 L 18 Gauge plate

Perfect for 3000-6000 cc engine

Full kit but,efie  NOT included

4"round x 8" deep


Shiping INCLUDED.(Postazas az arban benne van)


FH 17PL Full Kit

$ 425.00 CAD

Farkas HHO 17 Dry cell ful kit.

Plate: SS 316L 18 Gauge B2 3.5"x3.5"
O-ring 2-037
Tested 4 hours 37 celsius
Good for 1000 cc-1500cc engine

 efie NOT included.

Shiping INCLUDED.(Postazas az arban benne van)


FH 21PL Full Kit

$ 499.00 CAD

Farkas HHO 21 Dry cell full kit.
Plate: SS 316L 18 Gauge B2 3.5"x3.5"
O-ring 2-037

Tested 4 hours 37 celsius
Good for 1500 cc-2500cc engine


Shiping INCLUDED.(Postazas az arban benne van)



FH 26PL Full Kit

$ 599.00 CAD

Farkas HHO 26 Dry cell full kit.
Plate: SS 316L 18 Gauge B2  3.5"x3.5"

TESTED 4 hours 39.8 celsius
Good for 2500 cc-3800cc


Shiping INCLUDED.(Postazas az arban benne van)




FH 26PL Big Cell Full Kit BEST!

$ 799.00 CAD

Farkas HHO 26 Dry cell full kit
Plate: SS 316L 18 Gauge B2  
26 plate 6"x6" ss316l
12 volt  10  amp!
TESTED 4 hours 40.8 celsius
Good for 14.4 volt 4700 cc-6000cc engine
24 volt 10000 to up cc engine


Shiping INCLUDED.(Postazas az arban benne van)

BEST system, test morthen 500.000kilometers!




FH 4in1

$ 1499.00 CAD

In preintalled box

4XPL21 Hydrogen cell's,Plate:SS316L 20G

Electric,installed,water 2 in hydrogen 2 out.

14.4 volt,4x 15 or 20 amp.5.5 liter H/pair cell's

24 volt   4 x 20-30 amp7-7.2 liter H/pair cell's

Amazing,new project.Good for any big car truck or semitruck,kamion.

Min:14.4 volt   6000  cc motor

Max:  24 volt 16.000 cc motor 

Tested,warranty,water tank's,included.

More picture in Photo Gallery 


Shiping INCLUDED.(Postazas az arban benne van)



FH 2in1

$ 699.00 CAD

All in one.

12x18x28 centimeter!

Everything in this box is pre-installed. 


  1. water tank,2.2 L.
  2. 2 Hydrogen Cells
  3.             2 amp meters
  4.             2 relay
  5.             siwtches
  6.             thermometer
  7.             fan

good for 2000-3200 cc engine!

NEW! Best now! You install it in 10 minutes!

You can put it in the trunk. 


Shiping INCLUDED.(Postazas az arban benne van)










$ 75.00 CAD

3 way efie map sensor
Save more gas!


Shiping to Canada or Usa +$20.

Europe Asia + $50




Return/ Refund/ Replacement And Warranty

Please read carefully before purchasing our products.


You can return your HHO Generator within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of purchase price as long as the unit has NOT been installed, filled with electrolyte and/or been turned on and/or used in any manner. Taking apart or disassembling the hho generator or bubbler voids all warranties and refunds, it is also illegal. If you have installed the kit in your car, you may NOT return it for any reason EXCEPT warranty repair- no refunds issued after installed in vehicle or used in any manner.

Make sure you open the received box(es) immediately and check the packing list for any missing or broken parts and notify us immediately at if you find anything wrong upon opening the package. We can not give warranty for the shipping, the buyer has to let us know if he/she needs shipping-warranty.(extra charge). After 30 days the kit may no longer be returned except for warranty work or replacement only. Our company pay a one time shipping, so if you are going to return the product for any reason, you are responsible for all shipping costs ( back and forth)

The installation kits and extra parts included including relays, switches, tube, wire, small parts etc. are covered by our part warranty. If there is a problem with any of these items, contact us immediately for replacement before installation on the vehicle. Once installed, w  the item cannot be returned. 

Contact us immediately if you discover a broken item. We recommend doing an inspection upon receiving your kit and check to make sure there are no problems or broken parts. If you wish to insure your paid items for the shipping, please let us know, when you place your order ( that will cost extra charge)

If you have any questions feel free to email us a

Please note all details, prices and warranties are subject to change.

 Double cells installing

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